Figure A

My name is Erika, the skin I wear is my only suit. i

Family portrait

I love Halloween ! #teamrocket #costume I’m so excited it’s going to be so perfect.

That Christmas eve when we played out the nativity scene as part of our posadas and my cousin Angel & @dehydr8edsadgurl played Joseph and Mary hahaha wow. I can’t believe this happened. Such good old memories. I’ll probably be murdered for posting this. But i had to had to.

(we’re so Mexican were still actual catholics)

My disciples > your disciples


Damn I love my sister even more when I am stoned. She made oreo cookies and cream brownies! And she bakes everything from scratch. #fucccck #munchiesextreme

Most people see a problem with it, but this is how I do. As long as it firdjt a

#xanax #bars #kush #mividaloca

Cuteness overload. My boyfriend has always been so adorable c:<

Thinking of you, missing you, I hope I get to visit tomorrow even though it isn’t the same without your laugh and ridiculous jokes. I can’t wait to see you again not one day passes you don’t cross my mind. @vulgarlife

Sick as fuck yesterday, like ‘I have to tie my hair cause a fever that’s so high’ sick #killme


2 humans, 1 relationship, complete happiness

But me I’m not a gamble, you can count on me to split

Red blooded. White skin, oh and the blues I GOT THE BLUES THATS ME! #banjo #bluegrass #folk #folkgamemiley

Anonymous asked:
was that you who dated that -jordo guy a century ago?

Yea years ago when I was nineteen.

The person I love most <333